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2003 Nissan Altima Door Handle

This is a first-class choice for folks with a rear-pasenger side door handle that doesn't work the normal way, this handle comes with an outer outside rh handle that you can add your favorite logo or text.

2003 Nissan Altima Door Handles

This is an exceptional door handle that can be used for 2002-2006 Nissan Altima cars, it gives a nice design and is manufactured of durable materials. It can protect the driver and the passenger by providing a firm and stable handle, this is a set of four door handle smooth black exterior outside kit sets for the 2002-06 Nissan altima. The sets come with a door handle, handle cover, , and a door this driver side door handle is for the 02-06 Nissan altima, it is fabricated of durable materials and is a practical addition to each car. This handle is small and matches the look of the altima's grill, you may need to remove the old handle and install the new one. The new handle must be inserted into the original opening on the door, once the new handle is in place, you may use a vice to push the old handle out of the way. The new handle should feel comfortable and strong.