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2006 Kia Spectra Driver Side Door Handle

Our 2006 kia spectra driver side door handle is a great option for those with a 04-09 kia spectra. It is a durable handle that has a black exterior and is a good looking option. It is easy to adjust and is a great option for a showroom purchase.

2006 Kia Spectra Driver Side Door Handle Target

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2006 Kia Spectra Driver Side Door Handle Walmart

This is a 2006 kia spectra driver's side door handle. It's fits 04-09 kia spectra spectra5exterior outer door handle hlh driver side. The external door handle is made ofveton with a dark brown finish. It has a strong metal finish and is strong and durable. This handle is a great addition to your car. this oem door handle cable is for the 2006 kia spectra. It is inner front and is attached by a front drain hose. The cable is a black type I with a white lettering and is about 1. 5 inches long. The cable is attached to a white handle. The cable is used for opening and closing the door. this is a great deal on a quality rear left driver side door handle for your car. It is made from durable materials and will help keep your hands free for other activities. this is a great door handle for 2006-2009 kia spectra cars. It is outside of the handle and has a black rear lh driver side handle. It is a great handle for your car.