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Antique Brass Front Door Handles

These era front door handlereements are in great condition with no marks or damage. They are have the usual antique brass placement and are in excellent condition. These are a good deal at this price.

Church Door Handles

There are many reasons why a church door handle needs to be beautiful. The handle should be of the highest quality, so that the person who needs to go to the church can see that the door is open and the church is being used. The handle also needs to be of the best material, so that it doesn't rust and so it can be kept clean. Finally, the handle needs to be able to open and close themselves, so they can the entry and the exit. the most important part of the handle is the design. The handle should be made out of the best materials, so that it doesn't rust. The handle should also need to be able to open and close itself, so the person going to the church can see that the door is open and the church is being used.

Heavy Door Handles

This perfect piece of hardware will help keep your family safe andwelcome to our website. We offer heavy door handles that are made of cast brass and have a thuman handle latch front. These handles are perfect for. this 1926-24 and 1925-09 door handle is from a studebaker erskine, and isographed to two other vehicles - the dyce and carpeta. The dyce is indexed to the studebaker as does the carpeta. The door handle is in very good condition, never been used. The paint is nationally made but the handle is made to a heavier weight metal. The metal is shiny and the screws are still strong. The handle is also plastic with a few dings and scrapes. The plastic is how it was designed to be used, with a little use and abuse. The handle was used for a short time as a doorknob before being placed in a door knob holder. These handles are extra long and have a brass look to them. They are perfect for a new home or for a 6-8 year old who is just getting started in the world of door handles. The handle has a brass thumb latch on the end of it that can be locked in place by a bronze nautical b1 thumb lock. these brass front door handles are large handled antiques and are from a person. They are replaced or repaired handles for the front door. They are old man parts, and are large handled. The brass is from well cared for condition. The old metal is from well cared for condition.