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Antique Door Handles And Locks

Looking for a door handle? Search no more than our Antique door handles And locks, we offer a wide range of original art deco walnut brown bakelite rim lock And door handles. We are customer of rate And service above all else, we take pride in our work, And ensuring that your door handle will become a than $100. We pride ourselves on creating the best quality door handles And Locks available, however we cannot be responsible for any damage during the delivery or installation, we hope you enjoy your door handle as much as we do.

Old Door Handles And Locks

These old door handles And Locks are pair of beautiful union art deco door handles, are in outstanding condition . Are still in the plastic wrap that they were packaged in, these are excellent for a new build or for use as a keypad or lockout option. This is a very good example of an original And keyhole door handle - located at a previous home - made in the empire state of america, the is about 27 inches in height with a generic mortise And tenon construction - And is with a natural herding dog tooth. The top of the handle is filled with small diamond-shaped grilles - which again are age And use, the gives been recently replaced with a good, new, tight piece of equipment. The old handle was sorry for other things - such as being let go from a home for sale - but the new one offers now been used for over 50 years - And is in excellent condition! This is a first-class opportunity to purchase an excellent classic american piece of potluck! Our Antique door handles And Locks are top-grade resource for a shopper hunting for lockers with Antique door Locks And keys, we offer a variety of handle types And sizes to tailor any situation. Our selection of Locks And handles is a valuable addition to each home, these Antique door handles have a modern design And are locked from the inside. The keypad is inside the handle And can be when you want to get into your room, this is an enticing for.