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Barn Door Handles

This is a barn door handle that we are able to add to your ecommerce store. It is a 10 black barn door handle. It is a pull handle and a drawer handle. It is a softiron finish and the iron is a hard wood. It is a good condition of this handle. It is a great handle for your business.

Barn Door Handle

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Antique Barn Door Handles

This is a great opportunity to have a new look and new handle for your barn. The 6 black barn door handles will addrev your look and make your barn feel like a top place. We can restore the handles and return the value to your barn. this unique barn door handles is made of heavy duty plastic and is flushes easily with a海外新闻网站的授权。 this black sliding barn door handle is a greatheavyduty gate hardware for your business. It is perfect for an identity theft attempt or just because. This handle is quality made and looks great in any room of the business. brass barn door handle alternatives are perfect for keeping your barn doors open and your work area clean, while still providing a secure seal against pests. These screws are a perfect solution for those who are looking for a flush pull handle that is also concealed, these screws are in 2 packs, so you can have a set that you need for each door of your barn, or just need a set that is different for each door. this set includes pulls and handles for three barn doors, all of which are made of wrought iron. The pulls are long and slender, making it easy to open and close. The handles are also long and slender, the sets are good for any kind of barn door, from a small one into the large barns.