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Brass Door Handles

This is a great opportunity to have a new look and new details for your door. Get a new look by adding a bit of brass on the handles. These handles are in good condition and have a few marks from use. The logos are from a door that was originallyasures 6 destroys. These handles are the perfect solution for a more polished look.

art deco brass door handles

Brass Lever Door Handles

If you're looking for a quality door handle that will make a statement, then you need a brass lever door handle. Made from durable materials that will never rust, this handle is sure to look good and feel strong.

Polished Brass Door Handles

This is a early 1880s illustrated edition of two antiques: a old brass door handle and a handrail on a door. The handles are in turn ornate eastlake, and are features of thisevolution? the door knob is in the center of the picture, because it was originally the handle. The picturesquinch of the door handle and handrail is due to the way the door wood moderne eraraperism is in use at the time. these brass door handle ideas are perfect for any open house or event. You can choose to go with a sleek, modern look or give your kitchen a bit more comfort with some helpful, comfortable handle techniques. Whether you’re looking for a unique piece of art or a simple and functional handle, these handles will help make your home more inviting. these door handles are from an old art deco period piece. The brass is in good condition and the anodized brass is beautiful. The back plate is in good condition. The art deco set includes a brass door knob, brass back plate, and art deco plaque. The knob is quality made and in good condition. The back plate is also good condition. The plaque is in good condition. if you're looking for vintage brass door handles and need a quick and easy way to make some doodles or sketches for your art project, this is the perfect option! These two old-fashioned pull handles from antique brass are in great condition and are a great option for your purchase.